A Power BI Recreation

Although my day to day revolves around delivering analytics solutions to clients with Tableau, between the acquisition by Salesforce and some personal curiosity, I wanted to branch out and try to recreate a viz of mine in Power BI. I have had other jobs heavy in data visualization tools such as Spotfire and OBIEE, but […]

Arc Charts – Sports Dynasties Viz

As I’ve said before, most of my sports vizzes evolve from some sort of “discussion” I get into at my favorite watering hole, O’bryon’s, in the Evanston neighborhood of Cincinnati. This viz was no different… Growing up a Cincinnati sports fan, I was the eternal optimist that the underdog could persist. We are the perennial […]

My First Drafts Aren’t Good

At this year’s Tableau Conference Europe I experienced a data community first. After our #SportsVizSunday presentation a random member of the session approached me and shared with me that they enjoyed my Tableau Public work. My mind was blown. My first reaction was, ‘you must be thinking of someone else. Simon is the bald one.’ […]

#SportsVizSunday – May Wrap Up

Monthly Data Challenge This month our data challenge centered around the Cricket World Cup. As always we had some absolutely fabulous submissions my various members of our passionate #SportsVizSunday community. Admittedly, as an American, I was clueless about the topic, thus I did not submit a viz, but I learned plenty from the ones that […]

Adding Context to KPIs in Tableau

The most common request I have received from clients using Tableau is to define criteria for a metric most commonly displayed as a KPI. These metrics all by themselves can be impactful, but adding context in the form of a sparkline or change arrows can help provide context to make that visual more effective. Sparklines […]