Cleveland (Dot Plot) Rocks!

Being from Cincinnati, I don’t think Cleveland has much going for it…besides their dot plots. They do dot plots really well (I know, I know its not named after the city, but it worked). I first came to know of this chart type from Jeff Shaffer’s blog post here about different bar chart variations. If […]

3 Tips for Data Ingestion

Here are three tips for ingesting your data into Tableau! Join Calculations Oftentimes when joining data from several different sources you will run into a time when two fields that seemingly should join, don’t. This is commonly due to the two fields not being in the same format. Let’s say we’re trying to join a […]

#SportsVizSunday – August Wrap Up

This month we had college football smack talk legend and data viz enthusiast Kyle Umlang as our guest host. His online presence was an essential boost for our monthly data challenge this time around. We want to thank Kyle both for the data and his involvement in #SportsVizSunday! With the return of college football, we […]

A Power BI Recreation

Although my day to day revolves around delivering analytics solutions to clients with Tableau, between the acquisition by Salesforce and some personal curiosity, I wanted to branch out and try to recreate a viz of mine in Power BI. I have had other jobs heavy in data visualization tools such as Spotfire and OBIEE, but […]

Arc Charts – Sports Dynasties Viz

As I’ve said before, most of my sports vizzes evolve from some sort of “discussion” I get into at my favorite watering hole, O’bryon’s, in the Evanston neighborhood of Cincinnati. This viz was no different… Growing up a Cincinnati sports fan, I was the eternal optimist that the underdog could persist. We are the perennial […]