#SportsVizSunday – November 2018

MLS Attendance.png


Hey #SportsVizSunday participants and community members, just wanted to give you all a huge THANK YOU from James, Simon, and myself for the support you showed us as Tableau Conference 2018. Thank you to Tableau for having us speak, it was a huge honor that we did not take lightly. We hope that many of you in attendance and listening via the YouTube replay will participate in upcoming data viz challenges. So once again, thank you to everyone who has made #SportsVizSunday such a fun initiative to get involved with.


This month we are honored to have guest host Steve Fenn providing us with a plethora of Major League Soccer data. With the MLS playoffs just starting to heat up this challenge will align perfectly with getting the community prepped for the MLS Cup championship game scheduled for December 8th. We have already made a few data tables available via the data.world site, so make sure you go in there and start combing through the data. As always, if you see something that doesn’t look right make sure to shoot us a tweet, DM, or email so that we can get that corrected.


MLS Attendance All Games – this table contains teams, scores, and tickets sold for all MLS games from 1996-present

MLS Basic Stats – individual player stats for all years including games played, shots, goals

MLS Roster Details – Major League Soccer has some interesting roster rules so make sure to check out this table to get details on TAM, GAM, and DPs. You won’t be disappointed

MLS Salaries – the MLSPA releases salary information every year. This file contains player salaries back to 2004

MLS Season Summaries – shows year by year results of MLS Cup as well as who won the US Open Cup and Supporters Shield

We are really looking forward to some amazing vizzes this month. When submitting please post the link to the Insights portion of the data.world site as well as send out a tweet tagging James, Simon, and myself so that we can share and provide feedback on the viz. Thanks again and looking forward to an amazing November #SportsVizSunday. Happy vizzing!

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