#SportsVizSunday – May Wrap Up

Monthly Data Challenge

This month our data challenge centered around the Cricket World Cup. As always we had some absolutely fabulous submissions my various members of our passionate #SportsVizSunday community. Admittedly, as an American, I was clueless about the topic, thus I did not submit a viz, but I learned plenty from the ones that were created this month. Here are some of the tops ones that we saw.

Tausif Kazi contributed this in-depth long form viz that really had us amazed. I am sucker for the polygon brackets like he has done here, so I really liked this one. The use of sankey’s for the rosters was a nice touch as well

Link: https://public.tableau.com/profile/tausif.kazi#!/vizhome/ICCCricketWorldCup/ICCCWC

Will Francis gave us this great viz showing the previous results of games between countries in the competition.

Link: https://public.tableau.com/profile/will.francis#!/vizhome/CricketWorldCup2019/WorldCup2019

Brian Moore gave us two spectacular submissions for this month. Great stuff in both submissions. The first one showed us past results by clicking on each of the country’s flags. The inside track then uses the circles around each year to show how far that team advanced. I really liked this viz concept.

Link: https://public.tableau.com/profile/brian.moore7221#!/vizhome/CricketWorldCupResultsbyCountry/CricketWorldCup

Brian’s second submission was extremely helpful for beginners like me who knew nothing of the game. This viz shows all the basics of Cricket starting from what a field looks like to more detailed aspects of the sport. Besides being extremely helpful, this viz was well made and fun to interact with. Great stuff Brian!

Link: https://public.tableau.com/profile/brian.moore7221#!/vizhome/CricketExplained/CricketExplained

Our last submission came from #SportsVizSunday man himself, Simon Beaumont. Per usual, he created an aesthetically pleasing and informative viz to prep viewers of the Cricket World Cup.

Link: https://public.tableau.com/profile/simon.beaumont#!/vizhome/SportsVizSunday-SixTheICCCricketWorldCup/SixTheICCCricketWorldCup

Monthly Sports Events

This past month help a lot of great events from the NBA Playoffs to the Cricket World Cup. Game 1 of the NBA Finals was great to watch if you were Drake or a Toronto Raptors fan. With that series still going on I am sure we will see some vizzes around that topic pop up as we approach the end of the NBA season.

Major League Baseball is entering the dog days of summer. We have already seen several great MLB vizzes this year with more surely to come. The biggest event this summer has to be the Women’s FIFA World Cup. This will be the topic of our June monthly data challenge. The data is already up on the website. Make sure to check out that data and submit your vizzes using the #SportsVizSunday hashtag. Also tag James, Simon, or I so we are aware of the submission. Really looks forward to this month’s participation.

Other Sports Vizzes

With the large amount of sporting events going on there were a ton of sports vizzes being shared during the month of May. Every Sunday I create a thread of some of the best ones I saw during the week, so make sure to check those out below.

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