#SportsVizSunday – Tableau Conference Wrap Up

Wow, what a week. Per usual, Tableau Conference did not disappoint. Simon Beaumont, James Smith and myself had the immense privilege of presenting for the third time together, and the third time was indeed a charm! Beyond the normal opportunity for us to poke fun at each other and share a few drinks, it felt for the first time as though we belonged. As the picture below shows, there were not many seats empty by the time our presentation begun.

It wasn’t but a year ago at New Orleans that Simon, James and I were joking that we hoped 25 people showed up to our presentation. Now we were filling a large room with extremely passionate supporters (like those in the picture below) having fun doing sports visualizations together. We know that all of you make the community what it is, and that we are just the facilitators of it. So thank YOU all for allowing us to have these amazing opportunities.

I am now going to go over the answers to our session questions just as we did after Tableau Conference Europe. The data can be downloaded at this link. Again, the methods I used to get to these answers is not the ONLY way, just the way I found easiest. Now, without further ado…

1) How much revenue did all athletic departments generate in 2017? What percentage change was that from 2005?

$8.3B, 95%

Revenue 2017 : SUM(IF [Year]=2017 THEN [Total Revenues] END)
Revenue 2005 : SUM(IF [Year]=2005 THEN [Total Revenues] END)
Revenue Change: ([Revenue 2017]-[Revenue 2005])/[Revenue 2005]

2) What percent of total revenues in 2017 came from Donor Contributions? What team had the highest percentage?

20.6%, Texas A&M (43.9%)

SUM(IF [Year]=2017 THEN [Donor Contributions] END)
/SUM(IF [Year]=2017 THEN [Total Revenues] END)

MAX({ FIXED [School],[Year]:(SUM(IF [Year]=2017 THEN [Donor Contributions] END)/SUM(IF [Year]=2017 THEN [Total Revenues] END))})

3) What Big Ten school that has more than 50 football wins has been most efficient in terms of total football spending per football win since 2005? Which school has the most efficient yearly average total football spending per win?

Penn State, Wisconsin

SUM([Total Football Spending])/SUM([Football Wins])

AVG([Total Football Spending]/[Football Wins])

4) What percentage of NCAA programs turned a profit in 2017?


{ FIXED [Year]: COUNT(IF [Total Profit]>0 THEN [School] END)/

5) What conference had the second most amount of teams fail to turn a profit in 2017?

PAC 12 (5)

{ FIXED [Year],[FBS Conference]: COUNTD(IF [Total Profit]<=0 THEN [School] END)}

6) Out of the schools mentioned in question 1, how much money did these schools lose, on average?


(For those wondering who was losing the money in the 2017 PAC 12)

7) What conference has averaged the most profit per school since 2005? How much?

Southeastern Conference (SEC), $8.7M

{ FIXED [Year],[FBS Conference]:AVG([Total Profit])}

8) How much more do schools pay their coaching staffs on average in schools that have averaged at least 6 wins since 2005 compared to those who have averaged less than 6 wins?

42% higher

(AVG(IF { FIXED [School] :SUM([Football Wins])/COUNTD([Year])}>=6 THEN[Total Football Coaching Salaries] END)-
AVG(IF { FIXED [School] :SUM([Football Wins])/COUNTD([Year])}<6 THEN[Total Football Coaching Salaries] END))
/AVG(IF { FIXED [School] :SUM([Football Wins])/COUNTD([Year])}>=6
THEN[Total Football Coaching Salaries] END)

Thanks so much for reading! Please make sure to send us any feedback from either the session or the #SportsVizSunday initiative. We really want to make sure that we are continually trying to improve this community, so your feedback is much appreciated. Thanks again to all the people that showed up to our session, hope to see you all in London!

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